Becoming a Christ Centered Family…. Tuesday Night in the Smith House

Do you have children at home? Here is an idea that I have been sharing with parents for many years and the feedback and thanks that I receive from families who have implemented this simple plan in their homes has been both uplifting and inspirational.

  • Pick a night of the week, any night that you can be reasonably assured that the family will be gathered together for dinner. Make it a special night for the family; name it… Tuesday night at the (your name) Home
  • No cell phones, no television… dinner and conversation time!
  • Dad preps by pre-reading the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday (mom and dad, you might want to read a commentary on the Gospel, easy to find online). Later, during the meal, dad (or mom) asks the kids “what do you think Jesus meant when He said or did…?”
  • Then each child (let’s say you have 3) has a role to fill that they were assigned the week before. One child leads Grace and adds a special intention that he/she has selected to be included in the prayer before dinner.
  • Child number two selects a cause or charity and part of the families weekly offering will be donated there (lets say you tithe $100.00 each week, $20.00 may be given at the discretion of your child)
  • Finally child three was to “put love in action” and report back on how it went. Call Grandma in Ohio, deliver a pie to a sick neighbor, befriend the new child at school who doesn’t know anyone, etc. Maybe you do something together with your child like volunteer at the local food bank.

There you have it, simple. You have incorporated the Gospel in your home that will also make Mass more interesting on Sunday, especially when the Gospel is read. You prayed together, shared your gifts with others, and made the Gospel come alive by acting on it.

Before dinner is finished rotate and assign the kids new roles for next week. An easy way to remember is to post it on the family calendar.

You are setting a solid foundation for your family and your marriage. Later as your children get older the discussions you have with them on sexuality, pornography, etc. will flow much easier and organically from the fruits of your Christ Centered time together.

Let me know how it goes!