“13 Reasons Why” We Should Be Learning, Living and Sharing John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

When I first heard about Netflix’s controversial new show 13 Reasons Why, the charge that it glorified suicide and encouraged copycat behavior was enough for me not to want to watch it. Then my brother, whose judgment I trust, urged me to watch it because of how insightfully it portrayed the lives of most modern teenagers.…

Lenten Intentions

Ash Wednesday came and went and thus began the liturgical season of Lent. Every year I see people create short term, personal goals for themselves during Lent. Similar to New Years except these goals are only for 40 days and should focus on improving your relationship with God.…

He Created Them Male and Female and Blessed Them

“Man and woman were made ‘for each other’ … He created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be ‘helpmate’ to the other, for they are equal as persons and complementary as masculine and feminine.” (CCC 372)

Pope Francis recently made a few remarks about women in which he tried to describe the phenomena that I observed over and again when I was a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

A Family-Friendly Guide to Sex Education

Written By:  Leila Marie Lawler

“How do I answer my children’s questions about what they hear on the news?” “How do I parent in a post-Obergefell world?” “My childhood was far from innocent. How do I raise my children?”

Parents want answers: I’m writing here to propose a few thoughts on human nature and to suggest some reading that puts parents in touch with the mind of the Church on the subject of sex education.…



You are never going to believe this. Guess what COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE posted on Snapchat! A THEOLOGY OF THE BODY REFERENCE.

Get this. Cosmo’s Snapchat Story featured an article titled, “I’m waiting until marriage – This is what my dating life is like”

Way to go, “Sara*, 22”!…

Science, Faith…and Love

Steve, a scientist, attended a class I taught for parents of students in our Religious Education program. One day I opened up the class by asking if any of them had a question or comment they cared to share.

Steve soon let it be known that he was struggling with his faith and said, “As a scientist I collect data, then observe and measure it.” After he and I spent some time discussing what science can and cannot do, we agreed on a number of points.…