Episode 008: Practical Purity Points for Parents, an Interview with DJ Hueneman

#8: Practical Purity Points for Parents features DJ Hueneman, Training and Development Director at Ruah Woods Press.
This lively and practical conversation addresses issues facing teens and steps parents can take to “Get the Conversation Started”!
1. Discover the influence parents have on their teens

Episode 007: Father Christopher DiTomo shares his story, “Surprised by God”

#7: I am excited to be joined by Father Christopher DiTomo who shares his story, “Surprised by God”. I am forever grateful for the friendships I have been blessed to have with faithful, joyful priests and religious. Throughout my life, especially in my darkest moments, it was their trust in God’s plan and their willingness to say yes that reminded me that God has a plan for all of us!…

Episode 005: What is Love? An Army Ranger Battles with Pornography, Love vs. Lust – Part 1

#5: What is love? The Heart is a Battlefield between Love and Lust (part 1) It’s another important topic. This episode highlights a meeting I had with Mike, an Army Ranger struggling with a pornography addiction that’s affecting his marriage.

In this episode we enter into what Saint JPll Called “the battlefield of the heart between love and lust”… we hope that you listen in.…