Declare 2020 the Year for Marriage & the Family in Your Parish

As a young priest in Poland, Saint John Paul ll, then Father Wojtyla, became very close to a circle of young people while serving as a chaplain to university students in Krakow. As they married and had children, their families received spiritual and pastoral guidance from Father Wojtyla that would inform his work well into his years as Pope John Paul ll.…

Living the Year of Mercy at Home- The Corporal Works of Mommy and Daddy!

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Pope Francis has declared this to be a Year of Mercy but…so what?  What does it mean to be merciful?  And what difference does this year make to families?

The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy illustrate that mercy meanstreating others in a way that allows them to see their worth in God’s eyes.

Be the Master of Your Own Mystery


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Regarding the use of birth control, Fulton J. Sheen says this: So-called birth control, which assists in neither birth nor control, is based on the philosophy that love is without obligations.”

Fulton is on to something—birth control, when used for contraceptive methods, doesn’t help us to control anything—rather, it allows us to give and take without consequences.…



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One of the commonest complaints against Catholicism is that it is the religion of “no,” especially in regard to the sexual dimension of life. As the rest of the culture is moving in a progressively more permissive direction, the church seems to represent a crabbed, puritanical negativity toward sexuality.…

A Winning Relationship Starts with You


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What is the purpose of dating? The world has several notions regarding the purpose of dating. One being something along the lines of “you only live once so just have fun with it.”

Another is the idea we find in our popular TV shows and movies, which is something like “dating is super casual and doesn’t really require any serious commitment.” My personal favorite is probably, “love whoever, and take chances.”

These popular notions surrounding the purpose of dating and being in a relationship just make me sad.…