An Important Message From Father Browning

Our Spiritual Director, Fr. Ryan B. Browning, Parochial Vicar at St. Bridget Catholic Church, has an important message to share:
Over the past sixty years, it seems our culture’s main goal was to overthrow the Christian sexual ethic. Honestly, it looks like it has been mightily successful. Two strong forces – abandonment of faith and the sexual revolution –have combined to successfully overturn the biblical understanding of the human being. Now we face the destructive consequences—the hook-up culture, contraception, abortion on demand, same-sex lifestyle, gender dysphoria, pornography, the breakdown of the family, and an increase of sex by force and manipulation.

What can we do?  The answer – the same as it has always been – to the sexual dysfunction in our world today is to return to the biblical understanding of the person, sex, and marriage. This is where TOB enters anew by answering the fundamental questions of: who am I? What is my purpose? What is sex? What is love? What is marriage?

Two highlights which are important for us to learn and share with the world today –

First, Jesus responds to all of the sexual dysfunction we experience in our world by taking us back to the beginning and pointing us to our end. The truth – before sin – of a deeper meaning to life still echoes in our hearts today.  It divulges to us that the desires of our hearts were pure in the beginning. They were meant to direct us with vigor and force to the true, the good, and the beautiful, in a word, to relationship with God who is truth, goodness, and beauty.  Sin turned these desires in on us and is the cause of the dysfunction today.

Without knowledge of our origin and purpose, this world seems to be all there is, and therefore, we must create the best scenario we can with what we experience — eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. This brings us to another important reality — our future, our destiny, and eternal life. We must know that our life has a purpose and meaning, and our desires must be pointed to their proper end. The fulfillment and satisfaction of my heart’s desires will not be found in this world. God is the only one who can satisfy them.

Second, there is hope for all of us who have experienced the debilitating effects of our world’s sexual dysfunction. That hope is Jesus and His Church. The power of the sacraments of confession, the mercy of God, and the Eucharist, the very life of God, are indispensable gifts that bring healing, freedom, and strength.

The John Paul II Renewal Center can be a valuable asset in helping make this beautiful teaching of St. John Paul II more widely known to your parishioners.