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JPII Renewal  Center’s New Fall 2016 Series

You’ve heard the quip – “Just when I thought I had all the answers, they changed the questions!”

Everyone is searching for happiness, whether they realize it or not.   We think we are on the right path, yet many of us experience broken relationships in our friendships and marriages, and devastating family breakdowns. Our society as a whole sees these things happening at an alarming rate!

But what is at the heart of these problems?
Why is it so hard to find lasting happiness that really satisfies?
Sunset Introducing the John Paul II Renewal Center’s new series coming fall of 2016:

The Art of Living: The Path to Happiness!”

The human person – created in God’s image – has a heart that seeks:

  • Lasting happiness (joy)
  • Authentic love
  • Absolute truth

Where is that found in a culture and world that promotes:

  • Instant gratification
  • Imitation “love”
  • Moral relativism

There are answers!  We have the road map!  Join us on the Path to Happiness as we explore the beauty and joy of God’s design for living and loving – one that is very different from the path on which our culture leads us!

The mission of the John Paul II Renewal Center is to share the truth established from the beginning about what it means to be human and the deepest longings of the human heart for love and union.  Contact Jack Rigert at jp2renewal@gmail.com / 630-391-8339.



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