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Become Who You Are… in Twelve Simple Steps

Jack shares sections of the book he is writing. Combining the practical proven twelve steps of AA with St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. A one-two punch that if put into practice will make a dramatic, immediate and positive impact on your life.

Awe & Wonder in the Garden of Eden with Ray & Mary Grace Pingoy

Join Jack, Ray Pingoy and Mary Grace Pingoy as they talk about creation, the Garden of Eden, man and woman, joy, hope, grief, anxiety, love, and their own stories and experiences.

St. John Paul II’s “Letter to Families” with Father Christopher DiTomo

Jack and Father Christopher DiTomo discuss the crisis in marriage and families along with the cure using St. John Paul II’s “Letter to Families” as the foundation. This is a 3 part series!

“Spiritual Warfare” with Father Ryan Browning

This is a 6 part series discussing the frank reality of Satan, evil and the battle we find ourselves in. 

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